Surveys for Money

Surveys for Money

Would you like to earn an extra $300 to $500 a month? If so, then this might be the opportunity you have been looking for. There are companies (a.k.a best paid survey sites) out there that are looking for people like you and me and pay to answer their online paid surveys. They want to know what consumers think about their products and services and how can they improve their offerings? This is where market research comes into picture and you are needed to answer these market research surveys and get paid to take surveys for money.

Do you think you might enjoy giving your opinions and feedback about new products and services and getting paid for it? If yes, then you are really going to enjoy getting cash for surveys.

And, the best part of all is that there is NO Investment needed from you to use this service.

My name is Amy, and taking surveys for cash in my free time has been providing me with extra income for several years. When I have a bit of time during my day, I take a survey. I have been taking paid surveys successfully for quite a while now, and the market research companies that I work for want me to find other people who can help out answering their online paid surveys. These companies want me to recruit people like you.

When I first started doing paid survey work, the only way to get information about these companies was to pay for a list of market research companies such as Harris Poll. I paid $49 for a list, and there are many companies out there who are still charging.

YOU are fortunate though, because you don’t have to pay that. I really enjoy taking surveys, and I want this to be accessible to more people, so I’m giving you the same list I had to pay to get for free.

How it works?

I’m sure you are wondering how this all works, but be rest assured it is really simple! Large corporations spend millions of dollars every year with Marketing Research companies in an attempt to discover what the people who buy their products really want. That’s where you come in.

Market research companies will invite you to complete their paid online surveys that you answer online, using your laptop or smartphone, and then they pay you for your effort and time. It’s very simple and straightforward.

Corporations get your opinions on what you like and how they can improve their products, and you get paid!

Many of the major brands that you enjoy each day engage in market research. These companies range from restaurants to technology products, food products, baby care items, and clothing brands, entertainment, and more. Practically every company that sells their products and services to the public uses market research surveys in one way or another.

I’m sure you may have already heard of some of these market research companies as well: Harris Poll Online by Nielsen (the Nielsen TV ratings people), Consumer Village, E-Poll, Valued Opinions etc. You can find all of these and many more highest paying survey companies in our members area.

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So, what can you expect to do?

  • Get paid to answer online paid surveys for $1 to $20 per survey (depending on the length)
  • Get paid from $20 to $50 per hour taking phone surveys
  • Earn $30 and $100 per hour participating in paid focus groups
  • Get paid to watch movie trailers for $5 to $30 per hour
  • Get paid to test and try out new products (and keep them when you’re done!)

It’s fun and easy, and there are lots of opportunities to participate if you do it right.

At the top right hand corner of this page there is a registration box. Fill it out, and I will give you my list of survey companies as well as my free 7 day email guide to help you get off to a fast start. Click here to subscribe and  join the highest paying survey sites in your area now.

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