Are Online Survey Jobs Legit?

Online Survey Jobs

Taking online survey is something that has seem to gain much attention this days than ever before, many people have come to know that they can actually make extra money for themselves through online paid surveys. But the question that I always get from people is, can they do online survey as a full time job? This question has since been on the minds of so many people. First of all you need to know what online survey is all about, then you will decide if it is  actually a full time job or not. So in this article I am going to show you what online survey jobs really is and if it is a job. Just read through this article and get the required information that you need.

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In order for you to know if online survey is a job or not, you have t o know what it is. Different companies and organizations, whether it is food company, clothing, entertainment, service etc, wants to always improve the quality of their product. So they take out time to ask their customers what their view or opinion is about on a particular product or service. After each survey, the company gives reward to their customers inform of cash, products or freebies.

That is what online survey is all about. So you have something to gain from these companies and they also have something to gain from you, so it is a win win situation. So having in mind what online survey is all about, you can now decide whether it is something to do on a full time basis or not.

The question now will be, is online survey a full time job? The answer to that question is NO, the reason is because it doesn’t have the basic characteristics of a job. A job requires consistency over a set period of time; a job has a fixed rate of pay and a clearly defined responsibility amongst other factors. So seeing what a typical job is all about, you will agree with me that paid online surveys are really not something one can do as a full time job.

But the thing is that one can make quite a descent income from online survey, depending on your status and the experience you have about online survey. It can be seen as a source that you can use to make extra money for your pocket that can help to offset those extra bills that are hanging on you.  Many have come to realize that they can make a good amount of money from online survey and they have decided to be consistent in doing it. Taking surveys is a lot of fun, because it is a way of putting extra cash in to your pocket and still do other things like working in another organization or company. But the thing you should have in mind is that you cannot make thousands of cash with online survey, even the regular and consistent survey takers do not clear hundred of dollars in a day.

Making money online through survey can be fun and exciting owing to the fact that you can make a reasonable amount of money through it, but the thing is that it cannot take the place of full employment. Because the pay of online survey is something that is consistent, you can go a whole week without taking a single survey while there will be times when it will be like a daily activity for you.

Another question that seems to be on the minds of many people is who can take online survey? Once you are 18 and above you can take online survey. It is not advisable for people under 18 to take survey. The reason is that it is not legally approved.  In some cases companies that do online survey sometimes would want to publish the opinions and views of their customer to the public and it is not lawfully appropriate for minors as they are commonly called.

Lastly, online survey jobs are not a source of income that you can depend upon for your full up keep, but you can make a reasonable amount of money that you could use to pay off those extra bills  that are pending or even use to keep yourself in times that you don’t have much money at your disposal. So I would suggest that you get a full time employment and then you can start taking surveys as a secondary source of income for yourself, and you will so glad you did.  So with these few points I know now that your doubts and questions that you have been dissolved and answered.

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