Get Paid to Take Surveys

Get Paid to Take Surveys

Like any web surfer, I often find online ads for legitimate paid survey sites that promise me an easy way to make a few quick bucks and say that I can get paid to take surveys. At first, I was sure this was some kind of a scam. After all, who would want to pay good money for my opinion? I am not exactly famous and don’t have a very glamorous lifestyle! But then I asked around and learned quite a bit about the serious business of legitimate paid surveys.

What are Legitimate Paid Online Surveys?

The first thing I realized was that even an Average Joe’s opinion is very important to a lot of people. Every big business out there is designing and selling products for people just like you and me. For each product, they spend a lot of dough making sure the customer gets what she wants. Can you imagine what will happen if they get the product design wrong? Yup, no sales and major losses!

Legitimate paid surveys help these businesses get quick information from us, the customers. They are more than happy to spend a few thousand dollars if it saves them millions in the long term. For example, if a survey shows that most people prefer a particular color scheme for a new car, the manufacturer can increase sales by producing more numbers in that color. This type of direct feedback from average people like us has made legitimate paid surveys a major tool for online marketing.

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Legit vs. Scams

Unfortunately, the business of legitimate paid surveys has also attracted the wrong kind of attention. There are websites that present themselves as legitimate paid survey businesses, but are actually scams. In some cases, they are only interested in your personal information and have no real surveys. Other scam survey sites spam your email with marketing offers after you register with them. To avoid such useless scams, you need to take care in selecting the right type of legitimate paid surveys.

What to Watch Out For?

Finding genuine paid surveys online is easy if you follow a few simple guidelines. First, I advise you to stay away from sites that promise unrealistic earnings. A common trick used by non-legit paid surveys is to promise large amounts of cash rewards. If your common sense tells you that an offer sounds too good to be true, you should listen to it! Legitimate paid surveys may offer you smaller amounts, but you can actually earn those dollars.

Keep an eye open for older, reputable sites that have been around for a while conducting legitimate paid surveys. Look up their search engine ranking; higher rated sites are usually more trustworthy. Try and research the company background and look for news items. Finally, look for feedback from other people who have signed up with legitimate paid surveys; this is often the best way to get an honest picture of the survey company.

Once you found a few good companies, pay close attention to their websites. Genuine sites that offer legitimate paid surveys will usually have a very good FAQ section. These frequently asked questions can help you understand each and every detail of the survey process. You should also pay close attention to the different types of surveys any website offers.

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Types of Legitimate Paid Surveys

In a majority of cases, the genuine survey sites keep their surveys short and sweet. After all, they are interested in very specific feedback about a product or service. You’ll find some legitimate paid surveys that have only two or three questions, yet pay the full rate for your input! If you have a very limited time to spend on surveys, you can still make a little extra cash with such types of surveys. Other legitimate paid surveys can be much longer, with each survey keeping you busy for 15 or 20 minutes. The flip-side is that these pay at much higher rates, so you still earn a profit for every minute you are online!

Another important factor is how the survey company will reward you for your efforts. In many cases, legitimate paid surveys will actually pay in cash. However, some firms have a rewards system instead of cash. In these cases, you earn reward points for every survey. Obviously, smaller legitimate paid surveys get you fewer points while longer ones reward you more. You can then keep collecting your reward points until you have enough to redeem them for special gifts and gadgets. In fact, I got my Wii this way; just a few minutes every day completing online legitimate paid surveys and I soon had the points I needed for the game console!

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