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List of Top 10 Survey Sites that Pay fast through PayPal | PayPal Payment Method

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Although there are many paid survey sites that pay by variety of methods but when it comes to convenience and fast payment processing then PayPal and AlertPay stand at the top of list.

PayPal is an online payment processor which is widely accepted worldwide, even, the people from third world countries like India can receive payment fast, contrary to the payments via check.

Note: Even though PayPal is now accepted in most of the countries by still there are many countries where PayPal is absent. However, there is a better alternative to it for those regions and that is AlertPay which is accepted almost worldwide.

Although most of the surveys sites tend to use PayPal for payments but after a lot of effort I was successful in searching out top 10 survey sites that pay using AlertPay. You may like to check them out too…!

Coming back to the topic; here is the list of best out of best survey sites that pay you fast using PayPal:

1-  Ipsos i-Say

Although they accept USA, UK, Australia and Canada members only but they pay what they say. Ipsos i-Say is one of the best paying survey sites and usually pays $3-$5 for their surveys. While this is true but the catch is that you must receive your first payment by check and subsequent payments will be through PayPal.

Ipsos i-Say also offers paid product testing opportunities. For example, there may be an opportunity to test a new products for which you can get paid to test and also get free sample products.

However, apart from paid surveys, there are other opportunities as well. The payment can be received through PayPal instantly. Join Ipsos i-Say panel here.

2-  Mypoints

Don’t let the term “points” in their name fool you; they actually pay cash for doing variety of tasks. Points are only known for currency they use within their site (this is just like Swag Bucks that pays you to big dollars for searching). Apart from paying cash via PayPal, you can opt to receive gift cards of many countries.

Like GloalTestMarket, they have now revamped their site to include new offer that pay more generously than before. Signing-up is easy and may not take more than 3 minutes. Join MyPoints now and start doing surveys.

3-  MySurvey

MySurvey penal works under LightSpeed which are already a big corporation well-known for grass root level market research. MySurvey deals in points and every 1000 points equal $10.

After you collect 1000 points (a chance is that you will collect them easily), then you can redeem them for cash in your PayPal account. Or if you want to get prizes from their market place you can also do so. Registration is quick and easy for MySurvey.

4-  Toluna

When it comes to toluna it does not makes big promises. But in the long run you would find the company in your own benefit. It has many these to offer for example, gift cards for your surveys.

There are mixed reviews about toluna from different people. However as the company does not charge you anything then you have nothing to lose though. Check out toluna here.

5-  OpinionOutpost

You cannot blame them for their generosity. Opinion Outpost one of the best paying survey site of all times. One of my friend earned $30 in one month by filling only three short surveys.

How they pay big bucks to us? Answer: Opinion Outpost was established in 1987, a time when World Wide Web itself was a toddler; they continued to build their legacy. And now they are accepted as authority. They Charge their clients higher than average and the companies are willing to pay them to get targeted market research results.

They pass big share to us while keeping their own commission and thus marked as one of highest paying survey companies. Still don’t want to join Opinion Outpost?

6-  Ipoll (Formerly SurveyHead)

SurveyHead growing at lightening pace was founded by ones who at time founded popular goZing. Since then it has grown into one of the largest and most reputed free survey networks. As soon as you sign-up with them your account gets credited with $5, yes $5 sign-up bonus…!

On the other hand, the send surveys which typically pay anywhere in between $1 to $10, however they may pay more and this is just a typical trend based on personal judgment.

Most happy part about the network is that you can get credited into your PayPal account fast soon after you hit the redeem button.

Start earning money with SurveyHead now…!

7-  E-Poll Surveys

E-Poll Surveys typically pays $2 to $10 and PayPal is the most popular method to get payments instantly.  Since 2001 they report of paying more than $1.2 million to their members.

In addition to paying through PayPal, they also pay by check and Amazon gift cards, however PayPal is the most preferred method because then it may take2-3 weeks for the check to arrive.  Join E-Poll Surveys now…!

8-  Pinecone research

Pinecone Research got four-and-half star rating out of five (and an A- Grade) at popular imreportcard network where getting high ratings is a tough job.

Getting into the Pinecone Research panel may be harder for many of you but once you got accepted then you will feel the change.

This is because every survey will pay you $5 and it does not take longer to complete the survey. In addition to it, you can instantly credit that $5 into you PayPal account. Sites like these are rare so you must join Pinecone research now…!

9-  Mindfield Online

Yet another most trusted and reputed survey company, Mindfield Online has its deep roots in market research since long ago.  Results of their surveys are respected and quoted as references at many places.

On the other hand, apart from research on social and governmental topics they also conduct market research surveys for their clients.

You can readily receive your payment via PayPal with ease. A must join company, join Mindfield Online here…!

10- Valued Opinions

This is a legitimate market research company that pays to participate in online surveys. Most of the surveys are in the range of $2-$5 but you can get up to $50 for special surveys. Click here to join valued opinions panel now!