Best Paid Survey Sites That Pay

Best Paid Survey Sites that Pay Cash

Can You Take Surveys for Money?

Summary: Get Paid to Take Surveys. Free Survey Guide for Newbies. In this guide I will tell you how I make money online with legitimate paid surveys from home. What are paid surveys and how can you make money taking paid surveys? At the end of this page, you will find top 20 highest paying online surveys that pay cash and are 100% FREE to join.

best paid survey sites that pay cash

If you’re looking for the best way to get make money from home with best paid survey sites, then I’m glad you’ve found this website and I strongly suggest you keep reading…

Because this is my uncensored story. The ups, the downs, what stuff didn’t work and finally the one thing that did help me achieve my personal goal of making money from home easily.

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Click here to see how I take surveys for money?

My story feels like such a cliche. Like so many other people, I also lost my job in the recession. My family couldn’t afford to live without my income, so I had to find a way to supplement it, and quickly.

The stress of it all was really taking a toll on me and my family. I was really embarrassed that I couldn’t afford things for me and my family. I’d never been in that position in my life. I mean, we weren’t rich or anything, but I had never struggled for money like we did in those times.

I was sick and tired of being broke and stressed out, and I wanted to do something about it!!

I tried blogging, but I was wasting hours and hours on it only to end up making pennies. I tried becoming a virtual assistant (being an assistant online, to anyone in the world), but I simply couldn’t compete on price with all of the INSANELY cheap people from India and the Philippines (no offense). I even considered learning to trade Forex, but it was far too complex for little old me… I wasn’t getting anywhere AND I was just as broke as before.

One day I was looking around online and I stumbled across a paid online surveys guide. I had heard about people making money through taking paid surveys, but I had never though about doing it myself. After all my failed attempts to make money online,

I thought this wouldn’t work either and I’d be wasting my time yet again. But I thought as a last ditch effort I would try it anyway. To my surprise… I was wrong. And honestly, I couldn’t believe how well it worked (and it was pretty fast too). I started making $100 a week and quickly built this up to MUCH more.

What I loved about this guide was that it takes you by the hand, and shows you step by step one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money with legitimate paid online surveys.

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The only thing I don’t like about it is that I don’t meet the demographic requirements for some of the surveys, but there is still more than enough for me to take, so its OK.

The challenge here is to find the companies that offer best paid surveys with a high payout for the participants. Anyone can go ahead and make money with paid online surveys, but the key is to learn how to take serious VIP surveys and ramp up your earnings, which this guide shows you exactly how to do? They show you the best paid survey sites for legitimate paid online surveys.

How often do paid survey sites send you paid surveys?
I receive 1-2 surveys a week, per survey site. Currently I am with 35 different paid survey sites, so I get about 100 surveys per week.

How much do you make per survey?
I make between $2-$20 per survey that I take. Now, the $20 surveys don’t come everyday, but I do get 1-2 per week that offer that amount. The $1 – $5 I get them constantly, that’s what the majority of them are.

How old do you have to be to start participating in surveys?
Most of the sites are available for 18 year old males and females. A couple of survey sites actually take 13-17 year old as well. They are the types that give points into gift cards and points into cash. But they are available, if you are 13 years old you can join them here.

How do paid survey sites pay you?
There are a variety of ways paid survey sites will pay you. You can actually get paid by cheque or by PayPal. You can get points to redeem gift cards or points to redeem merchandise from their website. Some of the common gift cards are Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks and Walmart. They have sweepstakes and entries as well.

How to Find Legitimate and Best Paid Survey Sites and Avoid Paid Online Surveys Scams?

If you are looking to stabilize your financial situation then there are wide ranges of opportunities to make easy money working from home. Online paid surveys are one of the best ways to make easy money online today. But be warned: Make sure they are legitimate paid surveys, and beware of the scams and pitfalls out there and find the “diamonds in the rough”.

Who would think something as simple as being able to get paid to take surveys could be so lucrative and earn such serious cash? However, you need to learn to spot the best paid survey opportunities and beware of the downfalls.

Here are some tips to make sure you don’t get scammed:

  • Use your common sense.
  • Keep in mind that if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.
  • Make sure to check that the site has contact information like a phone number.
  • Beware of really attractive offers which don’t seem to fit the amount of work to be put in. e.g. a 5 minute survey that pays $100.

There are some excellent legitimate paid online surveys, you just need to know how to spot the opportunities and avoid the bad ones. If you want to make extra money online from home then join our recommended best paid survey panels and take surveys for money.

Click below each link to join the best paid survey sites. Don’t forget to confirm your email id after joining.

Top 10 Online Survey Sites that Pay Cash

  1. LifePoints Survey Panel: Click Here to Join and Get Paid for Sharing Your Opinion
  2. SurveysforGiftCards: Join SurveysforGiftCards survey panel for free and earn free Amazon gift cards.
  3. Survey Savvy: Click Here to Join or Click Here to Read Our Detailed Survey Savvy Review
  4. Consumer Opinion Institute
  5. National Consumer Panel
  6. Opinion Outpost
  7. Valued Opinions
  8. Ipsos i-Say
  9. E-Poll Surveys
  10. Harris Poll Online

Bonus Survey Panel: Pinecone Research – Probably one of the best paid survey panel, if you qualify to join.

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  1. Good list of top 20 survey sites you have here. Survey is a very good way to earn pocket money especially when you find the legitimate ones and also know how to refer members.

    But I will advise you to expand your earning ways by joining more than one survey sites. And joining at least 8-9 legit sites listed here would help you a lot.

    Am looking for survey sites that accept Jamaicans, and was directed here. Please can you help me out?

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